Coil Cabinets

Cooling coils require an insulated cabinet so that the exterior of the assembly does not allow condensation to form.

The device that encapsulates the coil is known by a multitude of terms: “coil cabinet,” “coil box,” “coil housing,” and sometimes even “coil casing.” SFI prefers the terms “cabinet” or “box” to avoid confusion with another element of the coil. (The metal frame that holds the finned pack together is often referred to as the casing.)

SFI offers a line of low pressure, horizontal airflow cabinets that will satisfy many light commercial applications and feature considerable dimensional flexibility. They can be designed for either indoor or outdoor use, and the coil is easily removable from either side. The size of the coil is first selected from almost any combination of finned height and finned length; then the outside dimensions of the cabinet are determined.

SFI only quotes these units with stainless drain pans, but there are a wide variety of other options, including: paint, weatherproofing, filter sections and access doors.


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