The term "non-freeze" for a steam coil is misleading.  The correct term is "steam distributing" or "inner distributing tube".  Without proper installation and piping, they can - and will- freeze up. 

Why SFI?

At SFI we are veterans of the HVAC industry-including having worked for Carrier Corp. ®

We know our stuff, pay attention to all the details, and will get you what you need when you need it.We like to get to know our customers and have a little fun along with providing you with outstanding service and reliable production schedules. So if you want to work with friendly, sharp people who will treat you the same as they hope to be treated themselves, then SFI is the coil place for you.

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 Intelligent Solutions

The first and most important step in designing a coil is truly understanding the big picture.  Plan and spec jobs tend to have more stringent guidelines than other coil applications - but not always.  At SFI, we do not approach any coil project with a "cookie cutter" mentality.  We creatively use different types of tube and fin designs to best fit your coil requirements.  When necessary, we will request further clarification from you, your engineer, or contractor so that we have a clear understanding of the overall system.  By doing so, you can be certain that we have selected the right coil for you.


  Solid Design

A well-designed coil will outperform and outlast a poorly designed coil.  When SFI designs a coil, we combine solid engineering principles with industry-accepted practices.  We balance first-cost competitiveness with an eye towards the overall system and coil environment.  We understand that different geographic locations require different considerations.  By asking the right questions, we will make sure your customer receives a well-designed, well-built coil.


  Satisfied Customers 

“Your response time is faster than any other vendor I work with, your product knowledge is superior; I’ve never had any problems with quote accuracy or ship dates (100% accurate)." 
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