SFI’s Coil Dudes started our careers with Carrier in commercial sales. Since we experienced “life in the trenches” both in commercial inside support and then outside sales, we have the perspective it takes to support Carrier salesmen and their broad product offerings.

SFI does not claim to build “factory authorized” replacement coils. However, years of experience and thousands of coil jobs have enabled us to build an extensive library for certain units. The “factory” differs from SFI in that it provides identical duplicates to the original. SFI’s “drop-in” replacement coils match in fit and function. SFI does not stock any replacement coils and, in general, does not dabble in residential products or small packaged rooftops. But you’ll enjoy our knowledge of applied products and many unitary air handlers. And we can customize materials if, for example, you might want thicker tubes or fins or a special casing, but still fit the original unit.


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